The Secret To Empowering Insight

Is the way we use our brain a kind of fashion that changes with the times we live in? Yes, it is. Our cognitive preferences are as much a social convention as fashion and popular culture. The cognitive mainframe of education has roots in an intellectual default that takes almost 20 years to develop. As products of that system, we are conditioned think first, then feel.

Insight however, draws from a wider bucket of potential. It draws inferences from sources beyond the intellect –
from intuition, from consciousness, and from the world as it’s happening. That’s why its called insight, not thinking.

But there is a deep intelligence to insight that is beyond even this: Insight knows you personally. It is aligned with your deep desires and bringing that personalized life experience to you.

The biggest problem with accessing insight today is that many people are thinking about it, defining it, and looking for all sorts of interesting mind hacks to make themselves better, but NOT USING it!

Using insight is the key! This is the secret ingredient in the formula to deriving insight.

A liberating insight can happen in an instant, in a flash. But when that happens, its usually because the mind has been prepared, hence the expression, “Fortune favours the prepared mind.”

Insights are often very revelatory and lead to deep emotional and belief realignments that shift our perception of experience. When used with self enquiry, which is the core of Intuition MindWare training, it can shift transient episodic experiences of intuition into a powerful personal success habit that continues to develop instrinsic shifts.

When you realize that all is knowable and all is obtainable, this becomes a path for you to actively seek out desired knowledge within a more wholistic life experience. This leads to greater synchronicity between desires and outcomes, and enables you to experience life with more fluid conscious way of being that is much more in harmony with who you are.

You’ll notice other results like less stress and worry and increased personal resiliency, courage and creativity.

To me this is the biggest secret underlying the use of insight. And it is a truly powerful thing to know and a more powerful way to be.

Intuita MindWare is Intuita’s core training, now delivered on line through the Speed Intuition course. In this short but powerful training program you learn how to practice and how to recognize and perceive insight.

Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita.

Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita, author of Ting! & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, deep innovation trainer & consultant helping people in intelligent organizations transform from within. Reach out to her using the contact form on this site.