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Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita. Intuita began in 1996 with the introduction of a self-directed coaching product called Intuita MindWare and a related Intuition Breakthrough training workshop.

I’m very curious about Deep Innovation, where innovation meets consciousness. The universe is always at play and we short-change ourselves trying to make everything fit logically. There is a higher order of creation which can look absurd, but it’s not. Leading ourselves more deeply into this framework is an intriguing and valuable proposition.

I focus on the fuzzy front end of innovation, intuition & implicit cognition. My focus on the path from insight and imagination to reality is what makes me unique in the innovation field. My goal is to illuminate the path from idea genesis to creation in ways that transform our relationship with mind and matter, and hold true to the implicit authority of a life with purpose.

My name is derived from Sanskrit and is my “true name.” Arupa means “beyond form” and “transcendent vision beyond the third dimension.” I was born with the gift of deep insight and an enquiring scientific mind.

My lifelong passion for the creative process has led to a personal quest to find an explanation that better reflects the true nature of our relationship with the creative universe.

In 2007 I released my first international book Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better, rated 4 stars by Training Magazine US, and developed a corporate intuition skills training workshop called Unleash Your Intuition Ting! In 2008 my book Spark – Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything was released.

As a corporate consultant and learning expert I have over 2 decades of management and leadership authority & my work (over 150 articles) has been published in leading business, management, HR & training publications.

As the opening presentation at the 2009 World Automotive News Innovation Panel where I shared my personal insights on future innovation (not in transcript) to hail a new age of innovation in the auto industry. These were dark days as the industry was nearly destitute and facing an uncertain future. Industry bailouts were approved the day following my presentation. Many of the insights I revealed in that session have since become industry realities.


In 1996 I discovered a set of intuitive processes during a ‘creative nap’ which led to a prolonged experience of meditative insight where a set of intuitive processes were revealed to me directly.

After testing them, they became Intuita’s first product called Intuita MindWare. This approach enabled participants to quickly access intuitive insight with minimal training. After this I launched an intuition training workshop for corporate professionals and conducted both public and corporate training sessions.

Early participants included engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, marketers, managers, IT professionals and other administrative people. The results of the training session demonstrated a success rate of nearly 100% for both men and women who used them to generate insight based solutions.

Intuita MindWare is now available as an on line learning course called Intuitive MindWare here.

Later I tested a one-on-one coaching process using Intuita MindWare techniques on a limited basis. The results were significant. In a single coaching process often lasting less than 15 minutes, participants, who couldn’t even remember what they ate for breakfast that day, often experienced vividly transformative and life-changing insights.


As a management consultant, innovation strategist, coach and trainer I work with people, teams & companies to help them achieve breakthrough insights & engage transformative innovation.

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“There is no dis-ease worse than forsaking your creative legacy and living a purposeless life – a life that is not worthy of who you are. Yet this is what many are doing today, caught up in the hamster wheel of yesterday’s limited model of capitalism. A new model is evolving, led by people and organizations that engage creative transformation with the heart of a greater purpose.”

“We must now move from success to significance to be happy. Success is a path to achievement. Significance is a life. Though we are driven to seek success, the pain of insignificance is much greater.”



“Thanks for your great participation in the Innovation Panel at the World Automotive News Congress. You set the stage beautifully. The other presentations fit so well into the context that you set. We appreciate what you did for us.”
Peter Brown, Executive Editor, World Automotive News 2009

“Thanks for a very interesting and informative presentation on intuition.”
Jean Gauthier, Director, The Food Industry Credit Bureau of Canada

“Your enjoyable presentation delivered a lot of value to our recent Customer Service conference.”
Dolly Konzelmann, President, International Customer Service Association


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