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Ting!  Unleash Your Intuition Smarts

Develop intuitive skills for your team

Intuita MindWare – Online

Insight generation and intuitive creativity tool to develop empathy, intuitive creativity and innovation. Single user format.

Intuita MindWare for Teams – In-House Workshop

In-house training workshop that shows your team how to use Intuita MindWare to access rapid insights and generate solutions.

Intuita MindLab

A customized insight workshop designed around a particular topic or venture to generate group insight

The Power of a Conscious Team

A team clinic to introduce your team to beneficial impacts on improved relationships, deeper conversations, better deliberations and decisions & sustainable outcomes.

Deep Cognition for Team Decisions

Implement a team calibration tool to be used when important decisions are at stake.




Master the inner foundation of the creative process for your team, group or organization.



Deep Innovation

2-day intensive workshop to develop vital inner skills for innovation.



Master of Innovation

Show your team how to innovate like a startup and begin working on new innovation projects.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

A customized innovation workshop for leaders and influencers who want to determine an innovation strategy direction from the ground up.

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