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“Great things happen when whole people create.”

Intuita workshops, tools and coaching processes help people, innovation teams, research teams, startups & organizational groups build the vital inner foundation for creating – developing implicit capabilities like intuition, insight, deep cognition & vision.

The most important part of innovation  begins before we have an idea  – this is the ideation gap. It begins with inspiry. We need to inspire, before we can create. This is the in-breath of the creative process, where we have an opportunity to create something that has never existed. Our aspirations become a quest, fueled by feeling, curiousity, purpose, exploration and discovery.

Then we uncover vision – the commitment to love it enough to nourish it into existence must be there. Next comes the boldness, courage and audacity to follow that path with all its challenges into victory.

If you want to work more consciously, experience genuine innovation partnership within your organization & realize the future is unlimited, let’s work together. CONTACT US TODAY.

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