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Ting! is a powerful story about what happens to a young sales manager when intuition wakes up his life. A successful professional whose world is looking good but feeling a bit sluggish, Tony first laughs when his mentor suggests he start learning more about intuition. But that's just the beginning. What he does next surprises everyone but mostly himself.

Ting! has been completely rewritten -- THE NEW EDITION IS bigger, better & takes you more deeply into the surprising power of intuition to transform your work and enterprise.


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Ting! - A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better

Ting! is a story about what happens to a young sales manager when intuition wakes up his life. Tony, a successful professional whose world is looking good but feeling sluggish, first laughs when his mentor suggests he start learning more about intuition. What he does next surprises everyone, but mostly himself. Through Tony's journey, readers begin to discover their own Ting's. In the story-telling style of "Fish" & "Who Moved My Cheese" Ting! shows what can happen when we bring the power of intuition to our lives and workplaces & live more intuitively, meaningfully, & creatively fulfilled.

Training Magazine USA gave Ting! a 4-Star rating, their highest, in an independent review.

What is a Ting? Ting is the author's word for being struck by an intuition in any form. Paying attention to what your Ting's! are telling you will make you more successful in your life and business or career.

What Ting! Can Do For You: A good story, life-long learning tool & conversation-starter for friends, colleagues & managers that you can bring to work. But Ting! is more than a story. It's also a step-by-step learning program to start developing your intuition. As you read the book each Chapter will show you a key step that helps you develop your intuition.

What Ting! Can Do For Trainers, Coaches & Teams: Ting! brings you a learning resource that shows a clear business case for the value of intuition in improving communication, relationships, people skills, decision-making, strategy, innovation & creativity. Makes a great team gift or incentive!

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Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better
$14.95 US - Book - Hardcover (2007), 79 pages

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Ting! Training 


Ting! Intuition Training Workshop helps you to:
• Wake up and polish your intuition smarts
• Change intuition from a fleeting experience to an ever-present skill
• Learn to boost your intuition as a sustainable career, life & business asset
• Leverage intuition as an innovation tool with clients, associates & teams
• Use it confidently, stay centered and be more successful

Ting! Unleash Your Intuition Smarts Training Workshop is available for individuals, groups, teams and organizations who want to develop their intuition skills fast - It's a fun, hands-on skill-building workshop for people who want to learn, test and practice techniques and tools that work - available as a 2-hour Team Clinic, 1/2 day or Full Day formats. It's a known fact that intuition increases exponentially when groups are using it or learning together.

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BOOK REVIEWS: Read it? Post yours on Amazon or Barnes & Noble "A smart & delightful little book.  Ting! shows how important intuition is as a right-brained skill, one we're invited to develop for a brighter creative future" Daniel Pink, Author, "A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future"

"..great thinking comes in small packages....Ting! is a prime example of taking intangible concepts (like innovation & creativity) and composing a nice little story about how they can be of value...by Skip Corsini, Training Magazine, June 2007

"Intuition is about getting great ideas in an effortless and simple way. Great ideas in a simple way is what this book is about - both regarding the message and the way it's presented. Everyone should learn more about developing their intuition." Fredrik Haren, Author, Best-Selling "Idea Book", Sweden

"This book spoke to me. Many times I've made a decision because it "felt right". On reflection these were some of the best decisions I've ever made. "Ting !" confirmed that this is an okay decision-making strategy. Since then everyone in my department has read it and I've posted the "Rules of Ting!" at my workstations as a reminder." Shawn Needham, Learning Advisor, North Shore Credit Union, B.C., Canada

"Ting! was such a page turner that I couldn't help but to read the whole book in one sitting. It's exciting, compelling, and assuring to know that we all have the power to tap into our own "Ting!"  Kim Weber, Mortgage Specialist

"Our intuition is that still small voice that guides us to be our best and live our best lives. It is NOT the voice of our negative self-talker. And our intuition is never wrong. To learn how to listen to and make the most of your intuition Arupa's book Ting! is a must read" Dr. Joe Rubino, Founder, CentreForPersonalReinvention.com, Creator, SelfEsteemSystem.com

"Author Arupa Tesolin is a master storyteller who weaves metaphor with narrative to create a compelling book. Bravo!" Dr. Laurie Nadel, Author of The Sixth Sense, repeat Oprah guest