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Rapidly develop your intuition skills in the shortest time

Learn how quickly anyone can turn on their intuition using this simple approach

Speed Intuition Training gives you a powerful set of intuition training exercises – called Intuita MindWare – to take your intuition skills to the next level.  This training course will help you strengthen your intuition skills, get intuitive solutions & develop intuitive agility.

Using introspective processes that can be learned in a few hours, you’ll learn how easy it can be to turn your intuition and generate intuitive insight.

Intuita MindWare functions like an inner search tool for the intuitive mind. It effortlessly liberates & releases available insight from the deeper, wiser, more knowing you. It’s useful for both personal and business situations. As you practice the techniques & exercises your skills will continue to improve. Speed Intuition is uniquely designed to teach you these in the shortest possible time.

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Crack Your Mind’s intuition code
The intuitive mind speaks its own language – a language that is uniquely individual, using metaphors, images, symbols, and other sensing devices. This course helps you learn how to crack your mind’s intuition code. Intuitive agility is an important navigation skill for busy lives and businesses. It works best when we trust it when making new or unprecedented choices. Endless distractions make it easy for noise and stress to crowd out our innate intuitive sense. This course will help you restore your intuitive default, enabling you to quickly gain inner clarity when needed.

Improve the way you use your mind

The way we use our mind depends on our thinking habits, education and life training. As the brain looks for efficiency in processing these same habits can create thinking blocks which may crowd out new or better solutions. Having the flexibility to turn this on and off can help you see new perspectives and alternatives in different situations.

Connect More Deeply With Your Intuitive Mind

Your inner world is rich with insights that are beyond what you think or consciously realize. The often mindless churn of day to day thinking puts many of us in a “creative coma.” Our thought habits, developed by putting our mind under the continual productivity strain of working for others, can create a type of perpetual creative lock-down that restricts our own ability to see what’s good for us and can limit other possibilities from being realized.

Discover Success From Within

Intuition is the first sense, not the sixth. Contrary to popular thinking, intuition precedes sensory experience, and connects directly with your inner core. Strong inner resources are critical to success, well-being and happiness. They provide the purposeful intelligence that helps you align with your greatest possibilities for living a successful life.

How It Started

Intuita MindWare was discovered 20 years ago in a direct meditation experience by Intuita founder Arupa Tesolin, a longstanding intuition and meditation trainer. It was a personal breakthrough and the potential discovery of an easy way for non-meditators to be able to access intuition. The exercises were tested in organizational and public training sessions for professionals. They enabled users to quickly access intuitive insight with minimal training.

Early participants included engineers, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, marketers, managers and others. Training session results demonstrated a nearly 100% success rate for both men and women who used Intuita MindWare to generate insight based solutions.

Intuition is a skill that needs to be experienced directly and developed inwardly through a combination of introspection, mindful attention, meditation & practice. Training your intuition keeps your mind fresh and your heart attuned to the exciting possibilities within and around you. It also extends your neural flexibility, an important quality to cultivate in an environment of rapid change.

The concise and thoughtful design of this intuition skills course gets you using your skills almost right away and helps guide and support your development over time. With practice you’ll get even better.

First you’ll learn to use an easy 3-step approach to get immediate answers, and often breakthrough insights, through intuitive insight. You’ll learn to access insight quickly and easily using any of 12 unique Intuita MindWare processes.

A set of handy learning tools, coaching audios, and a 30-day practice guide help to build and support your skills. The basic meditation training included in the course helps deepen your self awareness.

These techniques will help you quickly drill inwards to get insights & answers for your life, career and business questions. This will help identify your true priorities, solve problems, generate innovative solutions, improve your relationships, reduce stress and restore personal calm.

A form of self-mastery, you’ll be more present, alert and mindful, living from your being, rather than from your thinking or doing. This counteracts the stress of uncertainty so you can live more purposefully, creative and connected.

• An easy to learn 3-step method to activate intuitive insight
• 12 MindWare processes to generate intuitive solutions
• 3 powerful meditations to enhance and develop your abilities
• Ways to practice these skills so they integrate with your everyday experience


  • Professionally designed on-line training program
  • Participant Workbook
  • 12 Speed Intuition Exercises with Coaching Audios
  • 3 powerful Meditation Audios
  • 12 Portable learning cards you can take with you
  • 23 training videos
  • 3+ hours of training online plus new added training
  • 30-day Practice Plan
  • Live Master Classes with Arupa Tesolin
  • Facebook group membership
  • Post-course development exercises

This training is also available in a workshop format for groups and organizations. Email Intuita to book a session for your organization.

Feedback from Participants

A government administrator who had lost her job was working so hard sending out resumes she felt overwhelmed. Inwardly she was told to do nothing for 3 weeks. On the last day of Week 3, the phone rang with a job offer.

“I had difficulties concentrating while analyzing some complex consulting work for a client. I realized a way to work with the data… This insight achieved a solution in 1 & 1/2 hrs. for work that normally would take a full day.” D. Fulton, Client Services Consultant

“By applying intuitive intelligence to my professional life I am able to tap additional information on any decision I am making” S. Talwar, V.P. Marketing, HCL Infosys

“I was stymied by a problem for which I could see no solutions. Using Intuita I saw what the real problem was and resolved it.” General Manager

“I got fresher perspectives and added another dimension to the thinking process.” S. Karwal, Director, O & M Advertising

“I attended Intuita training in India and the insights I got to handle my personal and professional life are absolutely astonishing!” Executive

Training Session – Marketing
“The Intuita processes are sound. They work!” Corporate Training, Marketing Company

“Intuita MindWare has great personal value. It is useful in generating creative ideas and even solving technical and design issues.” J. Costa, Professional Engineer

“It made me feel excited because I got an idea for a path to follow AND I was relaxed! I felt clearer and happier. I thought I knew the answer but my intuition knew more.” Eric Gilboord, Marketing Consultant

“Intuition has an important role to play in ethical decision-making – the Intuita processes have helped me to articulate this role to others and access that intuitive information.” David Plouffe, Ethics Consultant & Trainer

“I’m grateful for tools like this which challenge me to stay intentional.” Jody Orr, Organizational Change Consultant

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