Nine Ways Intuitive People Are Cool



The quiet power of introverts has been a big topic lately. We can say even more about intuitive people. A growing, but often silent social minority, intuitives have special connections to the universe. They often possess a unique emotionality that extends the humanist in them to the level of an artist.

We all have the ability to be more intuitive. With many different motivations driving this, it’s good to know which ones are yours. The chance to cultivate a unique skill?  Find hidden secrets?  Be more creative?  Connect with a higher consciousness and find your place in the universe?  Manage stress?  Become who you really are?  Achieve balance?  Or simply because intuition is the new cool?


1.) They see the deeper inter-connections  To grapple with the unknown and come up with an idea or a new insight is a highly desired capability today. We all see the iceberg. But secretly we admire the intuitive person who can get underneath the iceberg and see the connections no one else is seeing.

2.)  They ‘get it’ and have an easy tacit understanding  The person with insight is the one we all seek out for advice or mentoring, because he or she has that tacit understanding of the way things are. Often they can point out important things that we seem oblivious to.

3.) The see simplicity in complexity  Seeing simplicity inside complexity is super obvious to an intuitive person. While others struggle, the intuitive person sees the passage through, often the one with least resistance in an effortless and natural way.

4.) They see order in paradox  While everyone around is reacting to a different perceptual confusion, the intuitive often seems to take this all in stride. They aren’t processing things with their head. Instead they are responding to what they feel in their heart.

5.)  They can find their car keys   Sure, they might be in an unusual place, but the intuitive can usually find them, just by sensing where they are.

6.)  They are consummate early adopters  Yes, intuitive people are usually the first ones to uptake the utility of new apps and systems, while others are still guessing what it’s good for. Because they think differently than everyone else, you’ll want them to be a part of any innovation plans.

7.)  They have attractive power  The intuitive person has an uncanny ability to attract the perfect moment, the right connections and the right resources, at the right time. You’ve watched them work their magic countless times and often wonder how they know what they know.

8.) They emit good vibrations  You love their energy.  You like to be around them.  Their good vibes make you feel good.  You want to sit next to them at lunch.

9.)  They trust the flow  No matter how out of place things may seem, the intuitive trusts the flow and can often see how things will work out, before details have been finalized.


These are just some of the reasons we love intuitive people around us at home, among our friends, at work, in the arts, and in business. We all recognize the intuitive giants in our midst, even if they don’t call themselves by that name. We want to hang out with them, hoping some of their gifts or wisdom will rub off on us.

It won’t.  That’s because each one of us has to develop our own abilities.  We can learn to be more intuitive and trust our intuitive senses better.

Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita, author of Ting! & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, deep innovation trainer & consultant helping people in intelligent organizations transform from within. Reach out to her using the contact form on this site.