Intuition Is The Root of the Law of Attraction


Intuition Is The Root of the Law of Attraction

Intuition is more important than we think.  In fact, it is the absence of what we think, and the presence of what we feel.  In recent times, it has become popular to align intuition with developing psychic abilities.  But that is merely one part of the development process.  The importance and power of intuition is far greater than this.

Intuition is how our consciousness communicates with us.  It encompasses the primal universal language of the soul – the one tongue we all speak, no matter what our culture, religion, race, gender or language is.

Intuition is more important than imagination, because it is the source of imagination.  All imagination arises from intuition, from the unmanifested universe, the stuff of potential beyond matter and time.  Our own intuition is the start up vehicle that begins to propel itself as imaginal beginnings from this void of all potential substance.  After that, our intention and imagination help shape and organize it into a living thing – from an idea to a plan to a reality.  Intuition is therefore the true source of all creativity.

Intuition aligns the power of the whole universe with our lives, giving us the freedom to claim our birthright as beings with infinite potential.

Very few people have received accurate instruction about the power of their intuition.  Most available training is incomplete and partial to a true understanding.  Also our exposure has often been constrained to the ideals and beliefs that conform to a particular religious or spiritual system.

From the time I was a small child I have been fascinated with, and have grappled with, the nature of our creative consciousness and how it relates to the creative process in a personal quest has been to explore my own consciousness, learn universal truths, express my power to create.

Everybody has the opportunity to learn and grow with a true understanding of their intuition.  I hope you’re one of them. If you want to learn how, check out Speed Intuition training.

Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita, author of Ting! & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, deep innovation trainer & consultant helping people in intelligent organizations transform from within. Reach out to her using the contact form on this site.