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Individual and Business Coaching Sessions 

Master Your Power To Create What You Desire

Arupa Tesolin is an intuitive leadership coach with unique talents in implicit intelligence who guides clients using an introspective process that has been proven to create outstanding results. She is a longstanding and respected member of the Global Intuition Network.

Successful self-creation always starts from within. Your consciousness determines the roots of your success. That’s where change starts and where the success principle of your being resides. So if you’re more aligned with the source of your creative power, you’ll live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

These are subtle processes, which grow or stagnate according to your beliefs, thought habits, actions, history and personal experience. Your thoughts can support or limit you. By becoming aware of what you are creating on an inner level, you can release trapped creative energy and experience a life-force adjustment that sets out a more powerful foundation for self-growth. Then when you do take action, results often happen with less struggle.

This coaching is designed for empowered individuals, professionals, and self-employed business owners who want to increase their capability to create what they desire.  Gain clarity and perspective on your purpose, talents, challenges and opportunities for creative growth.

These coaching sessions have been powerfully transformative. Here are results clients experienced in just one session:

A senior manager was moved to tears after experiencing a vision that showed him he needed to play more. He joined a live live theatre group which brought him many years of fulfillment.


After seeing herself as a haggard wolf, a female executive immediately quit her job and replaced her nanny to stay home with her baby and be more fulfilled.


A television broadcasting executive, overburdened with work, wasn’t motivated to begin the job of marketing a new news channel. Without effort, he saw the entire marketing plan and regained his motivational fire.


A Company President identified a new behavioral strategy that solved a potentially litigious supplier situation.


A banking Vice-President “saw” the best way to lead an organizational realignment.


Session Details: 1 Hour, Session via telephone or skype. If interested, please prepay & include your email address & we’ll contact you to set up an appointment time.

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