Create! Workshop

This 1/2 day – 1 day workshop is the secret sauce of the creative process for the individual creator. This workshop can be paired with one of our intuition training workshops or other programs to create a full day.

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Create a vision that attracts 
Strengthen your intrinsic power to create & innovate


  • How the implicit creative process works
  • The role of consciousness and it’s connection with the brain and heart
  • How to create a vision that attracts
  • The interplay of desire, vision & belief
  • How to become conscious of your internal creative process

What You’ll Gain:

An improved relationship with the inner dynamics of mind, heart, matter & possibility.

If you can successfully envision, you can create. In this transformational development workshop you’ll learn how to source personal creative power, master the ideation gap and enhance your ability to bring a vision or new innovation project to life. Become aware of the value of maintaining an inner focus to materialize your vision, fuel its  journey and experience the fulfillment of your realization. Break through limits and clarify your vision independent of what you consider possible. Move from pre-supposition, history and circumstance to a purpose and energy pathway that embraces possibility. Begin to “see” & “sense” new opportunities for creativity and contribution. Instill committed action with personal fulfillment while engaging the deep creative stretching that progressive people & organizations need to do to balance intellectual bias and create a new future.

What You’ll Learn:
Learn to master your ability to create using natural inner resources & creative affinity through imagination, vision & energy, Improve the impact you have in creating your life and contributing to a collaborative vision in your organization.

Consciously create a vision that mobilizes and attracts
Learn the difference between creating & construction in terms of core dynamics
Empower & align with the seven elements of the creative process
Strengthen your ability to identify & overcome limitation
Build trust & collaboration processes that empower team & partner commitment
Manage the action phase more successfully & foster unexpected opportunity
Stronger innovation teams & sustainable innovation

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