Our corporate training programs are available in several formats for live delivery in your enterprise or organization. Workshop formats are below. To book a session or request a quote please use the Contact Form.

Intuition Training

Ting!  Unleash Your Intuition

This is a starter program to develop intuitive skills for your team.

Intuition Breakthrough Training 

This training shows participants how to use Intuition MindWare to access rapid insights and potential solutions.


Deep Innovation

Where innovation meets consciousness. This is a 2-day intensive program to cultivate the inner skills for insight and conscious creating.

Master of Insight

The inner space where intuition meets imagination & ideas begin.

Master of Mind

This training develops meditative presence and inner resilience to master the mind.

Master of Creating

This training develops an inner foundation for the creative process.

Master of Transformation

Where being transforms experience

Master of Innovation

This workshop shows your organization how to innovate like a startup and begin working on new innovation products and processes.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

This is a customized innovation consulting workshop to help leaders and influencers determine an innovation direction and identify viable products.

Bring these Workshops to your organization.