Play with intuition.  Bring more insight & creative fire to your life and organization.

Intuita provides differently beautiful innovation workshops and speaking events that help develop conscious innovators. Our often transformative training experiences instill fundamentally important self-realization and personal innovation skills for startups, businesses and organizations.

What does it take to be an innovator or to create innovation?

It takes curiosity. It takes imagination. It takes the power of a vision. It takes insight. It takes the courage to move forward where others have not gone. It takes faith to overcome the obstacles. It takes steely determination to negotiate the future over the failures of the past.

This is 90% an inside job. At 91% effort you may not see any results. Then at 91.1%, everything happens. Why focus only on that last 9%?  All the power is in the 90%.

Sustained innovation requires more than action and innovation processes. It requires a shift from limited bandwidth thought processes to a mind and heart style that expresses a more complete, open and fluid creative experience with creative autonomy at the root. Intuita training is part of that shift.

Idealogy-free.  People forward.