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About Intuita

“Great things happen when whole people are enabled to create.”

A powerful global transformation is creating a deep reset on the way we think, work & create. Our training workshops lead with inner transformation to sustain change and empower innovation. Intuita helps enterprises transform from a thought culture to a purpose-driven culture that thinks, feels & creates. If you want to work more consciously, experience genuine innovation partnership in your organization & realize the future is unlimited, let’s work together.

5 day boost your intuition challenge

5 Day Boost Your Intuition Challenge

Transform your intuitive capabilities in 5 days. Learn intuition skills you can apply in your life, work or business. JOIN US FREE for The 5 Day Boost Your Intuition Challenge.  …

Ting book, the surprising power of intuition to transform work & innovate

COMING SOON Ting! Book 2018

TING! Book Launch 2018 Ting! is a powerful story about what happens to a young sales manager when intuition wakes up his life. A successful professional whose world is looking …

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