Play with intuition.  Bring insight & creative fire to your life and organization.

Intuita provides differently beautiful innovation workshops and learning events for conscious innovators. Our transformative training experiences instill fundamental self-realization and personal innovation skills for startups, businesses and organizations.

What it takes to be an innovator

Curiosity. Imagination. The POWER of a vision. Insight. Courage to move forward where others have not gone. Faith to overcome the obstacles. Steely determination to navigate a new future over failures of the past.

90% is an inside job. At 91% effort you may not see any results. Then at 91.1%, everything happens. Why focus only on that last .1%?  All the power is in the first 91%.

Sustained innovation requires more than action and innovation processes. It requires a shift from limited bandwidth thought processes to purposeful vision, a balanced mind and heart, a more complete, open and fluid creative experience with creative autonomy at the root. Lead with Insight training is part of that shift.

Idealogy-free.  People forward.