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Unleash your intuition Ting!
Boost intuition skills in groups and teams.
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There is a close link between intuition and creativity. To innovate, both are needed. Intuition is an important skill used to anticipate change and opportunity, make decisions & communicate. This fun hands-on workshop is based on the popular book “Ting! –  A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better.”  Assess your intuition smart skills, learn to trigger intuitive feedback with easy-to-use intuition tools, experiment and test your know-how and chart a path to develop intuition capability.

Gain the benefit  of intuition savvy with customers and colleagues.
Trigger your intuition with powerful methods & Ting! tools.
Find Ting! opportunities & use them for win/win performance outcomes.
Increase the collective intuition IQ of your executive team and employees
Listen to intuition better.
Communicate & apply Ting! insights to innovate & improve business
Link intuition with innovation, personal & organizational performance

“Learned how to apply intuition at work & home”
“Great facilitator”  “Liked the tests & tools”
“I learned not to second-guess myself”
“Sign up! It’s worth it.”
“I’ll incorporate it in my business life, not just personal.”
“I learned to pay attention to my intuition”
“Facilitator was great.” 
“Very enthusiastic.” 
“A pleasure”



Achieve ground breaking insights
Have an alternative to thinking your way out. 

Intuitive agility is a skill required for both personal and business success. This live team training workshop (Speed Intuition is available online for individuals) helps retrain your mind to generate intuitive insights using Intuition MindWare ( basic Intuition MindWare training also available online for individuals). The 12 Intuition MindWare tools reveal ground-breaking insights in behavior, motivation, opportunities and challenges. This accelerated training boosts your intuitive skills and acts like a “Rosetta Stone” to help you decode intuitive cognition and tap the wisdom of implicit intelligence. Discover deeper knowledge that resides beyond your conscious mind.


Unlock your ability to access intuitive insight
Gain higher predictive cognition
Increase your self-awareness of attitudes, behavior, and contributing factors in situations.
Get a better sense of priority, order and importance
Liberate your creative inertia
Build new habits in cognitive perception
Get clear knowledge in real situations
Surface your wisdom and higher intelligence.
Broaden your ability to listen, understand, and communicate with authenticity
Use a balanced approach for intuition and reason.

“The method is solid”
“Great simple tools”
“Great speaker & teacher”

“I was stymied by a problem for which I could see no solutions. Using Intuita saw what the real problem was and resolved it”
“By applying this in my professional life I am able to tap additional information on any decision I am making” S. Talwar, V.P. Marketing, HCL Infosys
“I got fresher perspectives and added another dimension to the thinking process.”S. Karwal, Director, O & M Advertising




A customized idea-lab around a particular topic or venture designed to generate group insight from beyond the thinking process. This is a powerful way to deepen problem absorption, empathy and establish direction.

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