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Train your mind to get quick insights  

Generate intuitive solutions to real questions

Online Course:  3 hours basic training, 30-day practice training, 12 month on-going development



Intuition MindWare is a creative thinking tool that uses an intuitive approach to generate insight. It is designed for thinkers who want to use their mind more intuitively.

Developed in 1996 (as Intuita MindWare) Intuition MindWare has often produced amazing insights for diverse professionals, including medical, engineers, managers & executives, administrators & IT.

Why is this important? We've become accustomed to using our mind in certain ways, but we can learn to use it in more creative and whole ways. New approaches open up opportunities for better insights that can improve how we live and innovate.

Intuition MindWare works to bypass routine thinking by combining meditative awareness, introspection and creative association to produce a richly intuitive experience. Using this framework, implicit cognition and neuro-associative elements combine to liberate both conscious and unconscious intelligence, often exposing novel context. This enables reflective and dreamlike experiences to correspond in a state of advanced emotional intelligence in a proven experiential process.

Intuition MindWare is useful for personal and group problem solving. The solutions generated tend to be more implicitly whole than those that result from the thinking process. They are often more elegant with a solution-after-next orientation and solve a deeper problem, which can mobilize more efficient, less costly follow on approaches.

At a personal level Intuition MindWare can unblock perceptual walls, going beyond the limits of habitual thinking and past experience to open a deeper emotional context for solutions to emerge. It also releases an incredible amount of energy while doing so. People are often very surprised by this.

Intuition MindWare has several obvious innovation applications, from developing creative and intuitive skills, enhancing a creative innovation culture that thinks differently, fostering meaningful innovation, and improving problem absorption and customer empathy by providing a novel insight generation process.



In this stripped down version of Intuition MindWare you'll learn how to use and apply Intuition MindWare to generate insight. Starting with your real life or business questions, you'll learn to generate intuitive insights in minutes.

You'll learn how to prepare questions and a step by step process to apply one of twelve different Intuition MindWare processes. These processes can be learned in a just a few hours. With continued practice, these processes will become embedded as an internal process that you can use to get insights quickly.



  • Enhanced cognitive creativity
  • Recreate an awareness default for whole brain processing
  • Improve intuitive agility and mental flexibility
  • Develop intuitive skills
  • Improve abilities in problem absorption, the pre-solution aspect of innovation
  • Align brain processing with introspection and higher intuitive functioning
  • Increased well-being and proximity to deeply intelligent solutions



Intuition MindWare processes were also used in a limited series of one-on-one coaching sessions. 8 of 10 coaching participants experienced life-changing insights during a single session that enabled them to solve a serious personal or business problem and make important decisions.

So, insights appeared. Lives were changed. Personal fulfillment and happiness was achieved. Business solutions were found. Results like this speak for themselves.

Special Introductory Pricing for individual Registrants with Immediate Access until Sept 15: $125 (regular $188)

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ENROLL NOW - Course Registration Cost $197. Get 12 months access to course and our Facebook Insider Group. Save $162.88 compared to the annual subscription plan. Please see drop down menu for multiple enrollment & corporate rates. 

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  • Preparation steps
  • How to develop a question
  • 3-step approach to apply MindWare
  • How to use each of the 12 Intuition MindWare processes
  • How to interpret your results
  • Practice in real time



  • Participant Workbook
  • Training to use Intuition MindWare
  • 12 MindWare Coaching Audios
  • 12 Portable Practice Cards
  • 3+ hours of online training
  • Suggested 30-day Practice Plan

This training is also available in a more advanced developmental course and workshop format called Speed Intuition for groups and organizations. Contact Intuita to book a session for your organization. 


A government administrator, who had been downsized was working very hard to find a new job. She felt overwhelmed. Inwardly she was told to do nothing for 3 weeks, which she did. On the last day of Week 3, the phone rang with a job offer. Administrator, Government of Ontario

“I had difficulties concentrating while analyzing some complex consulting work for a client. I realized a way to work with the data… This insight achieved a solution in 1 & 1/2 hrs. for work that normally would take a full day.” D. Fulton, IT Services Consultant

“By applying intuitive intelligence to my professional life I am able to tap additional information on any decision I am making” S. Talwar, V.P. Marketing, HCL Infosys

“I got fresher perspectives and added another dimension to the thinking process.” S. Karwal, Director, O & M Advertising

“I attended Intuita training in India and the insights I got to handle my personal and professional life are absolutely astonishing!” Executive


“It made me feel excited because I got an idea for a path to follow AND I was relaxed! I felt clearer and happier. I thought I knew the answer but my intuition knew more.” Eric Gilboord, Marketing Consultant

“Intuition has an important role to play in ethical decision-making – the Intuita processes have helped me to articulate this role to others and access that intuitive information.” David Plouffe, Ethics Consultant & Trainer

“I’m grateful for tools like this which challenge me to stay intentional.” Jody Orr, Organizational Change Consultant

“I was stymied by a problem for which I could see no solutions. Using MindWare I saw what the real problem was and resolved it.” General Manager

“The Intuita processes are sound. They work!” Corporate Workshop, JAN Marketing

“Intuita MindWare has great personal value. It is useful in generating creative ideas and even solving technical and design issues.” J. Costa, Professional Engineer

ENROLL NOW - Course Registration Cost $197. Get 12 months access to course and our Facebook Insider Group. Save $162.88 compared to the annual subscription plan. Please see drop down menu for multiple enrollment & corporate rates. 

Multiple rates

OR GET ACCESS NOW now for $29.99 per month with the 12-month subscription plan