Intuition is the Root of Insight

Intuition is the Root of Insight

What is intuition? This question gets asked a lot.  The dictionary definition is that intuition is insight beyond thought.  But that is, like all definitions, a definition for the mind, for thought.  That it is beyond thought, and the mind CANNOT perceive a world beyond thought, this should tell you something.

The reality is that it is a spiritual connection with one’s deepest self, that reveals in the fragment of a moment that which is true for you. It is unbound reality, unfrozen thought, unlimited perception. It is the universe saying you are here. If you are creating this, here is what you should know.

Insight is the root of imagination.  It is when imagination connects with intuition, that it is the richest, most fulfilling outcome. True geniuses with their innocent hearts have been able to perceive this quiet space. For the rest of us, alive in these noise-filled times, it can be more difficult, to see through our thoughts, to visualize the implicit order of insight in chaos, to experience a moment of truth.

But insight shows this to us, all in a moment, in a flash. It resonates with the heart, more than with the mind. True insight is an experience of great peace. It brings us to clarity, to knowing, without the figure-out-it-ness.  And that, to our beleaguered minds, is a vast relief. To our conscience it is the dawning of our wholeness, our interconnectedness, our space, our freedom in the truth of the heart. To plurality it brings unity. To intelligence, it brings consciousness. To our lives, it brings illumination.

And beyond this there is no other answer.  Insight and its experience is the answer. The capability to perceive, to get ourselves out of the way, to recreate that innocent heart, that is the goal for many of us here.

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Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita, author of Ting! & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, deep innovation trainer & consultant helping people in intelligent organizations transform from within. Reach out to her using the contact form on this site.