Explore, experience & develop the inner cognition that shapes your outer world
Learn the elements of creative self mastery through insight, mind, creative power & transformation

The aspect of innovation most missing and underdeveloped is the implicit personal one.  This workshop delves deep into the underlying substrata of insight and creative power enabling participants to become more self-aware and to realize their great power to shape both their personal world and influence organizational innovation.

Master of Mind - experience the impact of meditation & awareness on cognitience and how the mind mastery process works

Master of Insight - explore how the experience of intuition and insight impact the creative process, begin to develop personal insight skills

Master of Creating - learn the secret sauce of the creative process

Master of Transformation - develop a conscious approach to active transformation to move forward



This 1/2 day workshop is the secret sauce of the creative process for the individual creator. This workshop can be paired with one of our intuition training workshops or other programs to create a full day.


  • How the implicit creative process works
  • The role of consciousness and it's connection with the brain and heart
  • How to create a vision that attracts
  • The interplay of desire, vision & belief
  • How to become conscious of your internal creative process



Define a whole problem & experiment with solutions
Develop an MVP

Realizing an unsolved problem exists is the first step to healing it or developing a solution. Finding unsolved problems, fulfilling desires, extending possibilities for all to thrive and enjoy life, experiencing new forms of pleasure – all these present growth areas for innovation. In this workshop, we begin to identify some areas of innovation development and then choose one project for focused development from problem to desire mapping to business model to MVP.

What Start-ups do differently
Looking for interesting problems
Desire map and explore meaningful outcomes
Build business & customer models
Define your Innovation Framework
Develop an achievable MVP



For mid-sized and larger organizations embarking on an innovation strategy, this workshop presents an opportunity for research and dialogue to begin defining innovation direction and key projects.

To innovate successfully you need a focus area that makes sense for your organization, market, strengths and culture. Innovation can involve developing new products and services, discontinuing certain actions and establishing new ones, transforming your culture, and identifying both digital and capability acceleration needs, or setting your Gold-point, re-envisioning the core essence of who you want to be.

At Intuita, our model for innovation success goes beyond cleverness. We want to take you more deeply into your considerations from a both a thought and desire point of view and via a thoughtful examination of possibilities with the right analytics. Our goal is to help you find the direction that has the most meaning and probability of success and creatively connects with who you are, who you want to be, and the kind of success you want to have.

We are here to help you dream vibrantly, explore exciting new possibilities, embrace the changes needed to support them, and designate the industry markers you want to achieve. Once you have a strategy, you’ll be able to identify and shape the next steps for creating new products or services and set new business and transformation priorities.

This customized innovation consulting workshop is geared to key decision makers and influencers in your organization who want to examine or reexamine their innovation priorities, determine an innovation growth direction and identify areas for viable products and services.

The workshop has three phases.

1.) DISCOVER – In this part we do a combination of internal presentations to identify state of the company, market and industry factors, balanced with the desire to imagine a meaningful and successful future.

2.) CREATE – This phase is an ideation lab and jam session where we plot and picture a viable future. We use a lot of teams and whiteboards to dream, chart, plan and present several alternatives.

3.) SYNTHESIZE – We assess and determine momentum, urgency, initiative and potential outcomes of the alternatives and establish the critical few priorities.

Out of this we have a plan, which can be developed and refined into goals, projects and products.

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