An Intuita Exclusive - Deep Innovation Workshop Series

The source for tomorrow’s innovation is what we can’t imagine or conceive of today. However, that exposes a fundamental innovation problem. We have an implicit bias that values clever solutions over sentient ones.

Intuition is where imagination meets the unknown. Fertile imaginations are cultivated by dreaming. Inspiration and desire are experiences of the heart. Glimpses of a solution or it's potential are often experienced as insights.

The most magical part of innovation arises before mind-set. At Intuita, we call this "the ideation gap" because this is the missing piece in most innovation programs. It opens with exploring the creative equipment inside every human being. It is here that the imagination distills a vision from infinite possibilities, where the spark of an idea finds the creative heart of a compassionate host.

Every warrior knows the secret to overcoming the most intense challenge comes from something stronger than the brain – his or her heart.  Open hearts and minds are necessary to shape innovation culture in the experience age. And from this state of deep cognition, new and different solutions to the way ahead emerge.

The Deep Innovation workshop series is Intuita’s solution to this paradox. Deep Innovation starts where innovation meets consciousness. In this practical series we’ll share with you the practices, tools and skills you’ll need to go deeper, see further, and get beyond these constraints.

Here are the 4 components of Deep Innovation training.


This training develops meditative presence and inner resilience to master the mind.


The inner space where intuition meets imagination & ideas begin.


This training develops an inner foundation for the creative process.


Where being transforms experience


Intuition is the primal source for authentic self-sourcing intelligence. A clear intuition is valued as the highest form of intelligence, an intelligence that transcends the limits of space, time and matter. Many people feel they’ve lost their sense of clarity and connection with this form of intelligence by its relative silence and scarcity in the ultra-loud world of thought and projected media. This workshop will help you rediscover and regain the benefit of this powerful creative resource. It will also present you with a valuable tool called Intuition MindWare that you can use to generate intuitive insight.


It is not enough to have an educated mind or an informed mind. To truly live and create and experience happiness you need to cultivate a sound mind free from the distraction of worry and fear. When the mind is free, experience is elevated and limitations are dissolved.

It begins with meditation. There is more to meditation than having a meditation instructor lead you to a peaceful place or learning mindfulness. Not only do you need to learn HOW to meditate, you also need to learn WHY to meditate and WHAT TO DO in between meditation.

This training will take you from Worrier to Warrior. You’ll learn to conquer and own your mind and not to let it own you. To be resilient in the face of adversity. To become fearless in life. To be able to be free to choose the thoughts that you want to think without the self-sabotage of worry, fear, doubt and anxiety.

  • The Basics of a Meditation Practice
  • The HOW & WHY of Meditation
  • Mastering Your Mind
  • Meditation in Action - 5 Minute Meditations


  • The Primacy of Intuition
  • Is it intuition? Or not?
  • Decoding your intuitive experience
  • Developing your intuition
  • Benefits of clear intuition in life and work
  • Using intuition in teams and groups
  • Introduction to Intuita MindWare
  • Using Intuita MindWare to solve real problems & generate breakthrough insight


We create with many things, through ideas, words, insights, experiences, visions, dreams and thoughts. Yet there is an inner dynamic that remains largely untapped. Creating begins first as an inner process. Your relationship with desire, vision and belief is the seat of that power. That is what drives true success. In this workshop, you’ll learn the universal principles behind the art and science of conscious creating and how to align yourself in an optimal way, first implicitly, then explicitly, so the process can be more fruitful and fulfilling. This is the missing vital inner piece of many innovation programs.


  • How the implicit creative process works
  • The role of consciousness
  • Create a vision that attracts
  • The role of desire, vision & belief
  • Become conscious of your internal creative process


  • How to work with the action phase of creating
  • Navigate the pitfalls and opportunities
  • Manage fear, doubt and adversity


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