It is not enough to have an educated mind or an informed mind. To truly live and create and experience happiness you need to cultivate a sound mind free from the distraction of worry and fear. When the mind is free, experience is elevated and limitations are dissolved.

It begins with meditation. There is more to meditation than having a meditation instructor lead you to a peaceful place or learning mindfulness. Not only do you need to learn HOW to meditate, you also need to learn WHY to meditate and WHAT TO DO in between meditation.

This training will take you from Worrier to Warrior. You’ll learn to conquer and own your mind and not to let it own you. To be resilient in the face of adversity. To become fearless in life. To be able to be free to choose the thoughts that you want to think without the self-sabotage of worry, fear, doubt and anxiety.

  • The Basics of a Meditation Practice
  • The HOW & WHY of Meditation
  • Mastering Your Mind
  • Meditation in Action – 5 Minute Meditations


Calm yourself at will.
Harness positive emotional resources when needed.

Progressive organizations  know people are their best when they don’t suffer stress. Meditation offers physical, emotional, mental & creative benefits. These short tools are perfectly suited to the urgencies of a busy life and career. They offer you countless benefits, evoking instant calmness, revealing deep certainty as well as increasing personal presence and creative power almost immediately. With inner freedom like this you become an invincible attractive force compelling your own infinite destiny. Learn how to create a daily meditation practice that suits you and how to summon the 3-Minute Meditation Tools to self-affirm, balance emotions and maintain calm perspective during the times you need it most.

Use calming-tools to maintain optimal energy level in stressful situations
Practice 5 different types of natural meditations
Create a daily meditation practice that works for you
Increase your self-awareness and positive well being
Increase positive regard for others
Reduce stress and have more energy
Increase your concentration and creativity
Increase your ability to listen to others