Innovation Strategy Workshop

It is a reality that companies and organizations must choose their area of focus if they want to succeed in innovation. Innovation can involve many things, from developing new products, to discontinuing certain activities and establishing new ones, transforming your culture, identifying needs for both digital and capability acceleration, or setting your gold-point, the core essence of who you want to be.

At Intuita, our model for innovation success goes beyond cleverness. We want to take you more deeply into your considerations from a heart and feeling and perspective, from your experience, and through a thoughtful examination of possibilities with the right analytics. Our goal is to help you find the direction that has the most meaning and creatively connects with who you are, who you want to be, and the success you want to have. We are here to help you dream vibrantly, explore exciting new possibilities, embrace the changes needed to support them, and designate the industry markers you want to make. Once you have a strategy, you’ll be able to identify and shape the next steps for creating new products or services and set your new business and transformation priorities.

This customized innovation consulting workshop is geared to key decision makers and influencers in your organization who want to examine or reexamine their innovation priorities and determine an innovation growth direction and identify viable products.

The workshop has three phases.

1.) DISCOVERY – In this part we do a combination of internal presentations to identify state of the company, market and industry factors, balanced with the desire to imagine a meaningful and successful future.

2.) CREATION – This phase is an ideation lab and jam session where we plot and picture a viable future. We use a lot of teams and whiteboards to dream, chart, plan and present several alternatives.

3.) SYNTHESIS – We assess and determine momentum, urgency, initiative and potential outcomes of the alternatives and establish the critical few as priorities.

Out of this we have a plan, which can be developed and refined into goals, projects and products.

Bring this Workshop to your organization.