Innovation Consulting, Developing Your Innovation Strategy

Do you own an innovation company or growth firm looking to innovate better? Got a project or product idea that you want to take to the next level?

I help business owners and companies discern strategic gaps in their vision and planning process to help them develop a strategy and and success formula that suits their desired outcomes. Each project varies according to my clients desires, needs and goals.

As both a visionary, business strategist and experienced management consultant with strong capability development expertise, I bring clients a professional management point of view and additional resources that provide great value.

As an innovation strategist I can help identify & connect the invisible dots to provide directional vision, breakthrough insights, creative solutions & tactical strategies for small & mid-size growth firms & larger corporate clients.

From there we set up a project strategy and development plan or one on one coaching and meet at various places along your plan, for as long as needed.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

For mid-sized and larger organizations embarking on an innovation strategy, this workshop presents an opportunity for research and dialogue to begin defining innovation direction and key projects.

Product Review Service:

How intuitive is your product, service, app or platform? Surprisingly, even when designed by experts, user experience flaws are common. Intuitive gaps can be costly. Lost customers, referrals and sales revenue are just a few. Another pair of eyes and an intuitive point of view can highlight the gaps earlier and target improvement areas before your client does. Request a review of your project, product, service, app or platform to identify issues and experience challenges to get it right or make it better. Interested? Select the business coaching option.

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