The Ape in the Innovation Room

Every day another technology, AI, robotic or virtual reality topic makes the news. All are products of an extremist polarized cultural perspective that views technology as the hallowed impact of our time. Technology has become the dominant alpha.

What’s missing is that the elephant in the room is us. T

The way we think, imagine, create and see the world has become partial, limited, incremental and commoditized. Many of these products fit, fixate or elucidate that world view. And others of these will go on to hermetically and radically different futures once they become rationalized by the market of gender, taste, culture and human aspiration.

Or they will be eradicated by other products and services that serve up an opposing view of reality and desire.

Here’s the problem. We have not fundamentally changed the way we think, feel and view the world.
When we do, when we dare to embark into our own deep cognition, we will be forever changed. Our solutions, products, devices and UX will be radically different.

As will divisions between them/us, gender, race and culture. Because we are one team, one family, one humanity. And we have not dared enough of ourselves to change the limited critical thinking view that is the hallmark of our age and the result of our education system.

This what true disruptive innovation is all about.

We are artists and scientists, male and female, creators and observers.

Dare we? This is the disruption that festers on right in the face of our technology vanity.

Arupa Tesolin is the founder of Intuita, author of Ting! & creator of Intuition MindWare. She is a speaker, deep innovation trainer & consultant helping people in intelligent organizations transform from within. Reach out to her using the contact form on this site.


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